Sometimes we need a little creative inspiration. Below you will find some links to inspire, educate and enlighten you. Our Portfolio booklet highlights just a small fraction of some of the work we have done, and who our satisfied clients are. The Artwork Guide booklet will teach the up and coming designer, exactly the requirements needed on your final print pdf, in order for SwifPrint to seamlessly enter your design through our workflow. This not only speeds up your production time, but also allows discounted rates due to less pre-press modifications required from our side. The Template booklet will help you to determine the exact spacing required for a wide variety of orders. From posters, pamphlets, ncr to magazines, each specific type of order, requires certain bleed, safety and margin alignments which create a much more slick and polished finished product. Then there is the Print Guide booklet. This booklet was created to inspire you to consider a range of different types of printed jobs and finishes you could utilise for your own marketing and business strategy. We understand that each business is unique, and only requires certain types of marketing or in house printed items, but in this book, we guarantee you will find a few new ideas which will suite you.


A collection of our finest work

Outdoor Guide

Various outdoor promotional items

Promo Items

Gifts to be remembered by